5 Steps on How to Groom A Dog with Anxiety


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Dogs are experiencing anxiety and stress as much as people do. The hard part of our relationship with dogs is that they can’t easily communicate their feelings to us. Our furry friend might express that he is stressed by tucking his tail, yawning, lifting his paw, and pushing his ears. 

When the dog is anxious, every pet groomer must keep in mind to calm the dog first before performing any service. Here are five steps to help dogs reduce their anxiety and for the staff to perform grooming services:

Grooming a dog


Pet your dog daily 

Show your pet that you love him dearly by giving it a daily belly rub. Massage and touch your pet on all parts of his body, especially his groin, paws, legs, and between toes. Touch his ears and mouth. K9sky pet business software allows the client to select their preferred groomer. They can choose someone who has expertise in grooming a dog with anxiety. 


Feed your dog while grooming

Give treats to your pet while grooming. It will keep its focus away from the grooming activity. Keep the grooming session short and work up to longer grooming sessions. K9sky daycare check-in software allows the client to book multiple reservations in advance for a hassle-free grooming session. Clients are also entitled to check-in pets on a walk-in basis by K9sky daycare check-in software for a sudden visit. 


Provide toys while grooming

Give familiar toys while grooming. The scents of everyday objects help calm anxious dogs. Also, provide treats. Dogs will easily associate toys and treats with a grooming session. K9sky boarding software allows clients, staff, and business owners to schedule services, diets, medications, and run types along with reservations before or after the pet is checked in.


Be gentle and friendly

Talk to your dog calmly, especially when you go to the grooming salon daily. Praise your pet for being quiet and calm. Reprimand firmly by saying “no” when your dog tries to escape or move during grooming. Please do not blame it for exhibiting anxiety, only for behavior like growling or running. K9sky grooming salon software allows business owners to train their groomers to boost their expertise by not allowing two bookings simultaneously. K9sky dog grooming salon software sends automated alerts when groomers or time slots are double booked.


Familiarize tools with your dogBe slow with it. You may use a brush to start and gradually change to stiffer brushes and tools over time. Use a set of clippers next to your dog to get used to the noise of the clippers. This method will help get your dog to familiarize himself with the clipper’s sound, so they are less anxious at professional grooming appointments.