Pet Reservation software


Customers can set up multiple pet reservations.
Set up expired shots alert when making reservations.
Collect deposits for reservations. Rollover unused deposits, if desired to create waiting lists up to one year.
Prioritize customers on the first-come, first-served basis or on custom criteria, such as the number of pets or length of stay.
Pet Reservation software
Pet appointment

Accommodations: Runs And Suites

Assign dog runs or transfer them automatically
Add information for customers about each run type
Auto-assign runs based on the pet’s weight
Create run reservations for one or multiple pets
Input your map to have a view of pet runs and individual pet locations
Book a pet as a guest or as a reserved status (such as VIP stays)
Set up run transfers to occur automatically based on the criteria you set


K9Sky pet care management system enables staff to schedule services, diet, medications, and run types along with reservations before or after the pet is checked in the facility. Additionally, K9sky software allows staff to store and update customer information, pet ID, and treatment course changes. It also upsells retail items, complementary products upon check out or on their billing statement.

Customer And Pet Information

K9Sky dog grooming software system can display customer statuses, including reservation times and no-shows. It automates and secures signed kennel contracts with customer and pet information. It keeps unlimited notepads to document visits and reservations of a particular pet, and specific customer or pet issues. Also, the system can keep track of tax-exempt, military, and senior citizen customers.

doggy kennel software

Communication Tools

Include mailing system to send out offers, thank you notes, reservations and reminders
Create your own templates to use with our mailing system
Send copies of bills and check out forms through email
Add or remove customers from email or mailing lists
doggy kennel software
pet discount software


Fully automated system customizable to your business needs
Set discount and promotions when needed
Automate discounts when reaching specific criteria
Designed with 14 types of discounts you can apply to your services
pet boarding software

Holiday And Seasonal Rates

Set up low, high, and holiday season rates
Adjust rates by fixed rate or percentage
Announce special rates through the vacancy screen
Automate the rates according to service and package selection
pet boarding software