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Pet boarding is an excellent opportunity for pet lovers to turn their passion into a business. However, starting a dog daycare can be just as tricky. There are many factors to consider to ensure a successful business, and there are also a few pitfalls to avoid.

The good news is that while successful businesses take a while to build, it’s possible to plan them. Having the right resources and information can help you succeed in running your pet daycare.

What Should Pet Daycare Businesses Expect When Starting?

Starting a business comes with unexpected challenges, but you can make it work with the proper planning and research. Here’s what you need to expect when starting a pet daycare business:

1. You Need to Reach Your Target Market

Searches for “dog daycare near me” have increased significantly, which shows how popular pet daycare has become. Your target market will obviously be pet owners, so your location needs to be close and relatively accessible.

Aside from physical location, you also need to reach out to your target market through social media. Creating your business page on Facebook or purchasing ads can widen your reach.

2. You Need to Price Your Services Accordingly

In addition to boarding, you also need to offer something that lets you stand out. Most businesses usually offer something through an additional service or a small store that sells pet care goods.

After establishing your services, the next thing you need to do is figure out your prices. A few factors to consider when pricing usually include location and operational costs. You can get a feel for this by checking how other pet daycares price their services as a reference.

3. You Need to Manage Your Finances

Business owners need to consider their finances. When starting your daycare, keep in mind that its profitability will depend on different variables, such as:

  • Market reach (advertising, social media presence, physical location, etc.)
  • Services offered (overnight and daytime care, grooming, training, etc.)
  • Pricing
  • Business costs (fixed and variable)

You also want to manage the client relationship aspect of your business, which includes things like sending invoices and receipts. Investing in kennel boarding software is an excellent start to simplifying this process.

 Pet Boarding Mistakes Dog Daycare Owners Need to Avoid

Dog boarding services are ideal for pet owners who can’t take their companions with them when they travel. However, dog boarding can have unexpected challenges, even for the most passionate animal lovers.

Here are five pet boarding mistakes that dog daycare owners need to avoid:

1. Not Delegating Tasks

As your business grows, you will need a few extra pairs of hands to tend to clients’ pets. This means finding qualified and passionate staff is a priority, including boarding staff and management.

On top of this, you also want to automate and simplify as many processes as possible. Having the right dog daycare software is a great way to do this. Aside from keeping information easily accessible, it also makes boarding simpler.

2. Not Treating Your Business as a Business

Animal care may be your passion, and it might be something you would even do for free. However, a pet daycare business is still a business – you need to consider the costs of caring for animals.

While you shouldn’t be ruthless about it, you need to consider money, staffing, and even daily expenses. Medicines and other supplies can be costly because of their limited availability.

3. Not Having the Correct Information on File

Pets have different requirements. You should note specific medications, behaviors, or even supplements beforehand. The same also goes for pets’ vaccinations.

Many pet daycares ask for this information so that the staff knows what these pets need. To ensure this information is readily accessible, they also need the proper care management software. Be sure to find out what suits your business’ needs!

4. Taking On More Pets Than You Can Handle

Your business’s most significant selling point is the safe, comfortable environment for pets. Because you need ample space to provide this environment, capacity is essential.

Going over the limit means risking the environment you can maintain for the pets. This makes it more likely for dogs to feel more anxious and stressed, which results in a poor experience.

What Do You Need to Start Your Pet Daycare Businesses?

Successful dog kennels need many things to stay up and running. It includes providing the best services possible, either directly or indirectly. To turn your passion into your chosen career path, you must have the following:


Having a few staff members to handle clients’ pets and the business processes will definitely help. It’s important to understand that you won’t be able to do everything alone when your business grows.

When taking on clients, you want the best people for the job. You also want to ensure your staff knows how to access pets’ information via the pet boarding system.


There are quite a few things every dog daycare must have. Consider having a plentiful supply of the following when opening your dog kennel business for the first time:

  • Different types of pet food and treats
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Leashes
  • Refrigerator (well-stocked with medicine and food)
  • First aid kits (both for people and pets)
  • Waste bags
  • Towels
  • Toys

Of course, other tools aren’t as obvious. For instance, you also need an adequate computer and the right pet management software. You need cashiers, air purifiers, and even other comfort items like coffee makers on-site.

Management Software

Today, having the right software to keep all your information in one place is just as valuable.

To make your business viable, you need more than just Quickbooks for pet groomers. You need the right pet daycare management software to keep the necessary information on file and simplify different processes.

The Takeaway

Running a pet boarding and grooming business can be exhausting if you don’t know what to expect. Like any business, you need to consider your operational costs while meeting your clients’ needs.

For this reason, you need the right people and the right equipment to keep pets clean, safe, and happy. On top of this, you also need the right software to keep owners’ and pets’ details accessible in one place. This is where a dog kennel app can come in handy.



Early socialization of puppies and kittens is known to reduce:

  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear

New encounters with people, other pets, and situations stimulate pets. Pets who have not adequately socialized are more sensitive to new encounters. Socializing cats and dogs help them accept their surroundings rather than merely conforming to their standards.

Pet daycare provides a suitable environment for cats and dogs to socialize with other pets. Effective pet daycare management technology such as kennel software creates healthy pet daycare centers.

Straightforward Pet Daycare Management Significance to Pet Temperament

Pet daycare management takes a lot more effort, and it provides a lot of pets a place to socialize. Cats and dogs have different temperaments, health, and personality in interacting with others. Some pets are less outgoing and social than others, and they dislike being around large crowds of people or animals.

Pet daycare software helps manage pet daycare centers to run efficiently for both owners and their furry friends. Boarding kennel enterprises require the appropriate technology and resources to provide excellent services.

Each kennel boarding business is unique in its way. The most important thing to ensure is that customers and their pets have a good time. Here are some aspects of maintaining a successful kennel:

1. Encouraging Comfortable Social Area

Each pet should be able to feel comfortable running and playing in the kennel. Social pets can interact and play together, while reserved pets require their area.

A Pet boarding system helps maintain order in the kennel spaces with the details of each pet. Employees should watch areas where dogs interact and get as many details about each client’s dog as possible.

2. Boosting Security and Hygiene

Foul scents indicate poor hygiene practices. Pets can become ill due to poor cleanliness.

For safety, playpens should be in good condition and fenced in. Kennel personnel should take heed of any broken toys or equipment to prevent any injuries. Kennel boarding spaces should be tidy and well-organized. Debris and clutter should be out of walking areas. Of course, no one wants their furry friends or any person to be injured by wandering tools or equipment.

3. Providing Proper Medications and Food

Providing high-quality food for pets is part of running a successful kennel. Also, offering medications to the pets in their care is a must.

Not every boarding facility has the appropriate setup and equipment to administer medications. Kennels without nighttime personnel to provide care may cause complications for pets who need more care.

Kennel boarding software helps monitor pet health and activities. It allows users to track, schedule, and store data for pets in their care. Pets in need of more care are supervised and given special attention.

4. Accommodating Kennel Staff and Groomers

Kennel staff and groomers give the first impression to clients and their pets. Kennel personnel must always be accommodating and friendly. Making clients and pets relaxed in their environment and a happy atmosphere for humans and dogs help with socializing.

Dog boarding reservation software helps accommodate clients and pets without trouble. Organized schedules help kennel staff members to arrange their plans accordingly, allowing them to adjust to clients and dogs better.

5. Specific Kennel Floorplans

Kennel floorplans can include three different regions. One area is for pickup and drop-off zone, another is a social area, and another is where pets can rest.

Better pet daycare management helps keep pets in place. Enhancing security and monitoring systems help keep the area safe for personnel too. It provides peace of mind for clients, knowing that their pets are protected and secure.

Preventing anxiety and fear in pets means keeping them in a secure area.

6. Efficient and Faster Services

The kennel boarding technology is expansive and versatile. The same technology applies to cat kennel software in catteries.

Petcare businesses must implement software solutions that improve the production and delivery of services. Such software is necessary, especially when consumers expect to schedule services or update their pets’ information in the kennel.
pet daycare software

The Importance of Socialization in Pet Health

When animals get scared, they react in different ways. Some animals growl or bite, while others curl into a ball or scurry away to hide. Although pets are domesticated, others still behave with aggression or anxiety.

Pets like cats and dogs do not inhabit the wild and must learn from the other pets, owners, and environment.

In an environment such as kennels and catteries, pets need to be properly socialized. Kennel boarding means interacting with different animals with different personalities.

When Should Pets Start Socializing?

The optimal time for socializing in puppies is between 3-14 weeks of age and 3-9 weeks in kittens. They quickly create relationships and attachments throughout this phase of development. They have more developed senses, are more self-reliant, and are physically capable of interacting with others.

Getting the most out of pet socialization means starting during the time frames. Pet daycares are the best option to let puppies and kittens socialize with humans and other animals.

An efficient pet daycare management boosts pets’ social skills and relationships with other pets when it becomes part of their daily routine. Cats and dogs can play in a safe environment with personnel trained to read their body language. Pet software assists in creating a better and stress-free environment for clients, personnel, and pets.

Listed below are some essential pieces of advice on how to socialize puppies and kittens:

  • Request socialization plans when adopting a new puppy or kitten.
  • Creating a kitten’s or puppy’s socialization plan to help them adjust to their life in their new home. Planning exposures to other pets, people, locations, activities, and objects help them adapt to their new environment.
  • Provide excellent and varied experiences regularly to encourage kittens and puppies to try new things without aggression or fear.
  • Puppy or kitten socialization programs that are well-managed are a fantastic approach to socializing new pets during this critical period.
  • Puppies and kittens without complete vaccination should not be around unvaccinated animals or environments (such as outdoor parks).
  • Give rewards to pets when responding to positive social contacts with calm and lively responses.
  • If behavioral problems arise in pets, it’s best to contact a specialist or veterinarian to develop a socializing strategy.


Not all kennels provide the same level of service, practices, or personnel. It’s up to you to stay ahead of the pack. Take some time to observe successful kennels to learn how they operate.

K9Sky pet daycare management software has the features and functionalities you need to run your pet care business. All your business data is secured, and our innovative software technology ensures the safe management of customer data.



The pet industry has evolved ever since the pandemic began. Adoption rates increased at the start of the pandemic. In the United States, there were 700 applications for fostering in New York. In countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States, adoptions from animal shelters surged.

Quarantine had made people feel isolated, and it became the main reason for adopting cats and dogs. Pet companionship during the pandemic eased owners’ anxiety and isolation. The increase of pet ownership also increases the need for pet care products and services. 

Pet care services and businesses need to keep up with the changing demands of the pet care industry. Grooming, boarding, and daycare are the most popular and vital fields of the pet care business. Integrating pet kennel software provides efficiency in management and records.

Pet Kennel Software Improving the Dynamics in Pet Care Business  

In the early points of the pandemic, there was an upsurge in global interest in pet adaptations. Every crisis has its own set of obstacles as well as possibilities. Since the pandemic, pet care has changed significantly, like many other essential services.

The changes in the industry differed in degrees, depending on the sector. For example, dog walking is no longer in high demand, but grooming and training are still in high need. With the increased demand for services, enterprises need to have the appropriate technology to help with dynamic pet care.

Pet kennel software is the appropriate digital technology that encourages the transformation of pet care procedures and operations. For business owners, automation smoothens the process. Scheduling for clients and groomers creates a safer, efficient, and organized pet care business.

Kennel Software Benefits for Various Pet Care Business 

The increase of pet owners means more clients for pet care enterprises. Grooming, kennel, and cattery have become busy and disorganized with numerous clients. Kennel software technology is vital for optimum kennel jobs.

The rise of pet adoption in the pandemic has urged businesses to utilize kennel management software to increase productivity. Listed below are the top benefits of pet kennel software:

pet grooming and kennel software

#1 Organized Processes and Systems

Dealing with a busy kennel means organizing schedules, and other administrative processes come first. If not coordinated, owners, groomers, clients’ pets, papers, and additional staff information and programs can get disoriented. Staying organized is critical for reducing stress between staff, clients, and even pets.

Searching for the best pet kennel software reviews assist in acquiring the appropriate technology in the kennel business. Organizing processes and reservations by kennel software helps reduce tension, allowing for a stress-free environment for pets.

#2 Paperless Transactions and Records

Like all industries, the kennel business thrives by keeping records of every transaction. Misplaced information and documents on paper create disorganization and even decline. Desks cluttered by stacks of papers slow down productivity.

Pet kennel software allows paperless recording and safe data storage in one location. Not only does it reduce carbon waste, but it also improves productivity and organization.

#3 Better Customer Experience Provided by a Comprehensive Software

Pet owners searching for a ‘pet kennel near me’ expect the nearest kennel to have exceptional customer services. Customers will gain from cloud-based kennel software and improve customer experience. Pet owners can create online reservations by the software.

The new competitive edge provided by kennel software permits easier accessibility and use.

#4 Economical and Time-Saving 

Being economical during the COVID-19 pandemic is critical to keep pet care shops afloat. Daily activities and tasks will be more accessible with suitable software with beneficial integrations—pet kennel software reviews show a feature that tracks finances, costs, and generating invoices.

Faster scheduling and less laborious paperwork by adopting scheduling software into the pet care business save long hours.

#5 Understanding The Business 

For owners of grooming shops and pet kennels, the aspect may be difficult to understand. A decent kennel software provides a variety of reports on the strengths and weaknesses of the business. It’s simple to track assets, which kennel jobs are the most profitable, and optimize marketing methods.

Saving time, resources and finances can be done by integrating a kennel management system. The system automates and simplifies all tedious processes without too much effort from clients and staff.

Pet Care Services and Business in the COVID Era

It’s strenuous to overlook the pandemic’s broad impacts as a new Omicron strain emerges. All areas of society have been affected by the virus. From large corporations to small local businesses, COVID is creating a downturn.

Consumption of pet care will increase as many countries’ adoption rates rise. The United States’ pet health industry rose to over $100 billion in 2020. The statistics will grow by nearly 6% in the following years. Daily essentials for pets such as kibbles help economic recovery.

Kennel jobs will rise as well. As per the United States’ Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 33% of 2020’s jobs will increase in 2030. On average, there will be about 66,200 job openings for animal care and service workers during the next decade.

The list below are examples of pet care services that can boost customer and pets’ experiences better:

  • Obedience training
  • Doggie daycare
  • Socialization training
  • Food and medication


The risk of being ill is high during the COVID-19. Simple interactions with animal companions limited the feelings of isolation and depression. Adopting a new furry companion had risen in the pandemic era, as well as the need for pet care services.

Grooming is now the fastest growing sector in pet care services. With pet kennel software, clients, groomers, and business owners have easier reservation processes. The software’s automation features: Organization

  • Economical
  • Paperless Transactions and Processes
  • Convenient and User-Friendly
  • Vital Insights on Business

Kennel business does not need to be complicated. Comprehensive pet care businesses for clients, groomers, and business owners are possible by integrating reliable kennel software. All kennels differ, but the common aspect is to provide clients with the best experience and organization to groomers.




The outbreak impacted the majority of enterprises globally, including the pet care industry. As the economy fell, so did corporate revenue. As a result, pet grooming businesses are slowly rebuilding following the pandemic, providing essential services from nail clipping to bathing – all of which are essential for maintaining the health of your clients’ beloved pets.

As a result, the top goal is to get past the pre-and post-effect of the pandemic. Even these pet-care firms are limited to customer appointments due to today’s circumstances.

Pet care businesses must be systematic in their customer data, transactions, and engagement schedules to succeed and flourish in the market. Dog grooming point of sale systems is among the solutions that may help with employing day-to-day operational processes with clients and effectively managing the business.

This article will discuss the usefulness of dog grooming point of sale systems to the pet care services industry.

Features of Dog Grooming Point of Sale Systems

#1. It regulates the number of assignments for each groomer.

This pet grooming POS system helps to protect both clients and groomers by following safety regulations. Clients may automatically check the groomer’s available time before making an appointment. Overall, it’s an intelligent software application that limits the number of people coming into the facility, promoting social distancing.

#2. It displays the client’s availability status.

Clients may quickly search available dates to reserve or opt for walk-ins whenever they wish to send their favorite dog to a pet care establishment. It will save you time in the future when arranging pet grooming appointments.

Furthermore, you can avoid any expenditures incurred by the client if he postpones the scheduled appointment. Your customers can obtain the information via their mobile phones – thus, eliminating the need for them to visit the location.

#3. It allows customers to choose their preferred groomer for their pets.

Regular clients may choose their preferred groomer when requesting a specific pet care service. They can also check their availability at any time. A client selects a groomer based on the quality of work performance that is appropriate for their pet breed. Thus, they typically prefer a groomer because their pets are at ease whenever they’re around, which is essential to avoid causing distress to the animals.

of Dog Grooming Point of Sale

#4. It notifies customers of groomers’ availability.

It’s vital first to determine whether the client’s schedule will work with the groomers. To avoid scheduling repeat appointments, the pet grooming business software sends out messages to consumers to notify them when the groomer is no longer available for booking. This clears up any confusion for both the client and the groomers.

The Benefits of Using Dog Grooming Point of Sale Systems In The Pet Care Industry

Allows the system to calculate the hourly rate.

When you operate a pet care business, the dog grooming point of sale systems can help you make things easier. It enables the system to detect and apply the appropriate hourly charge automatically. The pet breed, demand for grooming services, and the pet’s condition are all factors that influence the charge rate.

Establishes a timetable for all pet-care services and serves as a resource for clients.

The clients can see all the pet care services that the company provides. They can schedule any of these available services in a given week. There’s no need to do it manually; click the upright date to track and change the program. It will appear on your customers’ screens automatically to their advantage.

Sets commissions for groomers who work satisfactorily.

Automatic commissions to the groomers will benefit any pet-care firm in a pandemic since it eliminates further communication between the management and groomers. Every pet care business owner can keep track of the performance and customer tips given to every groomer using a dog grooming point of sale system. It depends on their level of experience, the percentage they will offer, and their bonuses.

Customize blocks based on the amount of time required for each activity.

Having personal contact with everyone is becoming increasingly difficult. The secret to success is to have a well-structured business. As a result, dog grooming point of sale systems can help the entire pet care business system. Managers can easily change the blocks of the upcoming schedule based on each service’s time range. Changing colors to make it easier to recognize according to time is beneficial for any pet care facility.

It offers a user-friendly mailing system for communicating with customers.

The pet care company can address any customer problems. It also strengthens the system across the entire organization and allows for greater flexibility in customer communication.


Point-of-sale systems for dog grooming ensure that your expertise is utilized at every client appointment. It’s an all-in-one client database, display, and transaction platform that allows you to give every guest a personalized experience.