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The outbreak impacted the majority of enterprises globally, including the pet care industry. As the economy fell, so did corporate revenue. As a result, pet grooming businesses are slowly rebuilding following the pandemic, providing essential services from nail clipping to bathing – all of which are essential for maintaining the health of your clients’ beloved pets.

As a result, the top goal is to get past the pre-and post-effect of the pandemic. Even these pet-care firms are limited to customer appointments due to today’s circumstances.

Pet care businesses must be systematic in their customer data, transactions, and engagement schedules to succeed and flourish in the market. Dog grooming point of sale systems is among the solutions that may help with employing day-to-day operational processes with clients and effectively managing the business.

This article will discuss the usefulness of dog grooming point of sale systems to the pet care services industry.

Features of Dog Grooming Point of Sale Systems

#1. It regulates the number of assignments for each groomer.

This pet grooming POS system helps to protect both clients and groomers by following safety regulations. Clients may automatically check the groomer’s available time before making an appointment. Overall, it’s an intelligent software application that limits the number of people coming into the facility, promoting social distancing.

#2. It displays the client’s availability status.

Clients may quickly search available dates to reserve or opt for walk-ins whenever they wish to send their favorite dog to a pet care establishment. It will save you time in the future when arranging pet grooming appointments.

Furthermore, you can avoid any expenditures incurred by the client if he postpones the scheduled appointment. Your customers can obtain the information via their mobile phones – thus, eliminating the need for them to visit the location.

#3. It allows customers to choose their preferred groomer for their pets.

Regular clients may choose their preferred groomer when requesting a specific pet care service. They can also check their availability at any time. A client selects a groomer based on the quality of work performance that is appropriate for their pet breed. Thus, they typically prefer a groomer because their pets are at ease whenever they’re around, which is essential to avoid causing distress to the animals.

of Dog Grooming Point of Sale

#4. It notifies customers of groomers’ availability.

It’s vital first to determine whether the client’s schedule will work with the groomers. To avoid scheduling repeat appointments, the pet grooming business software sends out messages to consumers to notify them when the groomer is no longer available for booking. This clears up any confusion for both the client and the groomers.

The Benefits of Using Dog Grooming Point of Sale Systems In The Pet Care Industry

Allows the system to calculate the hourly rate.

When you operate a pet care business, the dog grooming point of sale systems can help you make things easier. It enables the system to detect and apply the appropriate hourly charge automatically. The pet breed, demand for grooming services, and the pet’s condition are all factors that influence the charge rate.

Establishes a timetable for all pet-care services and serves as a resource for clients.

The clients can see all the pet care services that the company provides. They can schedule any of these available services in a given week. There’s no need to do it manually; click the upright date to track and change the program. It will appear on your customers’ screens automatically to their advantage.

Sets commissions for groomers who work satisfactorily.

Automatic commissions to the groomers will benefit any pet-care firm in a pandemic since it eliminates further communication between the management and groomers. Every pet care business owner can keep track of the performance and customer tips given to every groomer using a dog grooming point of sale system. It depends on their level of experience, the percentage they will offer, and their bonuses.

Customize blocks based on the amount of time required for each activity.

Having personal contact with everyone is becoming increasingly difficult. The secret to success is to have a well-structured business. As a result, dog grooming point of sale systems can help the entire pet care business system. Managers can easily change the blocks of the upcoming schedule based on each service’s time range. Changing colors to make it easier to recognize according to time is beneficial for any pet care facility.

It offers a user-friendly mailing system for communicating with customers.

The pet care company can address any customer problems. It also strengthens the system across the entire organization and allows for greater flexibility in customer communication.


Point-of-sale systems for dog grooming ensure that your expertise is utilized at every client appointment. It’s an all-in-one client database, display, and transaction platform that allows you to give every guest a personalized experience.






Client satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of running a profitable and successful dog grooming company. Referrals and positive comments from satisfied clients can help your company access a broader audience and better opportunities. The idea is to cultivate long-term client relationships and provide excellent customer service.
However, while there are outstanding pet kennel boarding facilities, there are also unsatisfactory pet kennel service providers. As a business owner, you should strive to maintain the quality of services you give to your clients. Thus, as a business owner or as the customer, you must be mindful of these red flags of a lousy boarding kennel facility.

7 Red Flags to Watch Out When Searching for A Boarding Kennel Facility

Pet care services need constant facility maintenance and upgrading. Dog boarding facilities should invest in ample space to accommodate any breed size, equipment, training, and knowledge. We understand that you don’t want anything less for your fur baby, so researching will help you avoid the ‘bad’ and find the ‘good’ facility for your pet. Read on what to watch out for based on pet care experts.

1: Smelly Kennels and Surroundings

Even if it looks sanitary, unpleasant smells will immediately tell you when a pet boarding facility didn’t follow cleanliness protocols. Maybe it’s caused by unthorough cleaning or the sanitizing products they use. But both can contribute to your pet’s potential illness. Experts say it is essential to ask the boarding kennel what type of products they use to clean the facility to ensure it is pet-friendly.

2: The Kennel Staff are Hesitant To Offer A Facility Tour

You want your pet to be comfortable as if they are in your house. Leaving your dog or cat in a pet boarding facility without meticulously inspecting it may lead to a problem. As Fido can’t call you to report his situation while staying, you should personally check every part of the facility where your dog will step on.

Experts say that a good facility is a pride of its owner and employees. They will clean it like their house and be proud to show it to their visitors. If a facility staff isn’t enthusiastic about showing you the space, it’s a significant factor that you shouldn’t leave your pet there. Before you book your dog, show up unexpectedly and ask for a tour to see the typical day the facility operates.

3: The Staff Lack of Knowledge and Training

Dogs’ needs are far different from humans. They can’t talk, so the facility staff must know what to provide them, such as food, water, medicine if sick, a comfortable room to rest in, and many more. Since the pet industry is mostly unregulated, some kennel boarding facilities don’t formally provide training for their staff. They think that pet caregiving skills can be learned through experience, and investing in training will cost them. Based on an expert in pet care, even the receptionist should undergo training. They are providing care for other people’s pets and taking on a big responsibility in preserving life.

4: They Offer Only One Playground For Different Pets And Sizes

Taking your dog to a kennel boarding will give him a chance to socialize with other pets. But the most important thing is to keep them safe. If your dog breed is small or is a senior, you don’t want to associate him with larger dogs, and senior dogs are not so into play. Experts say facilities should group play spaces according to temperament and size and provide a dedicated area for each.

5: Insufficient Emergency Plans

You can never know what happens next, so before booking your pet in a facility, ask your provider if they have a detailed emergency plan that is location-specific and species-specific. If they can show you any or is not clear and solid, they won’t save your furry friend if something terrible happens.

6: Outdoor Areas Are Small and Not Escape-Proof

While staying, your dog needs to have ample space to play and run. The area must also be clean, have access to water and shade, and be secure, so pets can’t escape. If your pet is a pro escaper, you should inform the boarding facility to place Fido in a safer area.

Meanwhile, upgrading your business operations through technology integration can keep your customers happy and attract new ones that may enable business expansion.

Follow these pet groomer suggestions to keep clients happy and satisfied. These tips will help you keep a continuous flow of new consumers as well as returning patrons. This guide will also help you with ways to better manage dog behavior with pet kennel software.

kennel suite software


Proven Strategies To Keep Your Pet Grooming Clients Happy and Satisfied

Without question, cultivating long-term customer connections begins with outstanding partnerships. Continue reading to learn more techniques to build relationships with current and potential clients and how a kennel software program can help your management.

1. Create a referral program for your customers.

Offering substantial rewards or discounts to existing clients is the key to establishing a referral program that drives more customers to your salon. More people will desire to participate in the program if you offer incentives such as decreased rates or complimentary products and services. With the dog kennel app, you can better manage your client database and ensure they are updated and accurate.

Creating a referral program for your customers also allows them to invite acquaintances who need pets training – make sure you offer such a service, so they don’t go elsewhere.

2. Participate in community events to promote your business.

Participating in local and community projects such as kennel programs, sports, festivals, and other neighborhood events is an excellent method to promote your pet grooming company. Ensure that you have enough goodies and promotional materials to give out to the locals.

Pet care software enables you to automatically send out invites, emails, and notifications to prospective client bases and current customers. These activities allow them to recognize that your salon adequately creates connections with clients and their pets.

3. Build connections with other pet-related businesses in the region.

Form alliances with other small businesses in the area, such as pet stores, dog walkers, vets, and shelters. Make mutually advantageous arrangements for displaying pamphlets and referring clients to each other. Developing relationships with these companies will provide you with simple access to consumer bases that will certainly demand your services, such as grooming, boarding, and training.

4. Customer service is the key.

Pet groomers must have a passion for pets and the ability to communicate effectively with their owners. Spend time developing solid partnerships with pet grooming clients and teaching them ways for caring for their pets in between salon appointments. This will assist you in gaining their trust and business in the future.

Every time a customer walks into your shop, make them feel valued and respected. Surpassing clients’ standards and going much further with your offerings will result in repeat customers and referrals.

How Pet Kennel Software Helps Your Pet Care Business Stand Out

The majority of pet parents rely on word-of-mouth marketing from people they know and trust. For your business to come up with recommendations, you can ask other pet owners in your neighborhood, your vet, and groomers for positive feedback and referrals. Busy pet owners can search boarding kennels and with many good reviews, they would usually go for the service with the highest online ratings.

Furthermore, an excellent pet boarding kennel provider has a kennel program that makes it quick and straightforward to transact with their clients. More importantly, they use technology like pet kennel software to ensure they provide the highest quality service. Here’s more about how pet care software can help your pet care business stand out in the pet kennel boarding industry.

1. They allow you to book pets online

Aside from having a clean and sufficient space, a good boarding kennel should allow you to book conveniently. Facilities that use kennel manager software enables customers to see their services through their website and have the option to reserve a room before they arrive at the premise. It will save you more time, especially when in a rush.

2. They offer flexible payment methods

Good boarding kennels know the struggles of busy pet parents. So, most of them offer flexible payment options that allow customers to pay online or in person. Even on the go, the boarding facility owner can monitor the money transactions through the dog kennel app.

3. They well-manage the dog runs and playground

A pet and customer-centric pet boarding facility ensures that all pets can have fun playing safely. Most of them use boarding kennel software to quickly separate groups depending on size and temperament and provide sufficient space for them.

4. They are mindful of your pet’s health

If your pet needs medication when you take Fido there, ensure that the facility will give him his medicine in your absence. Luckily, many kennel boarding facilities provide such service. With the help of kennel suite software, they can automatically schedule the time to take medicines. The system will alert them, so they don’t miss the dosage.

dog kennel app

What Are The Pet Kennel Software Features You Should Look For?

To give your customers the best grooming, boarding, and training experience for their pets, you have to deploy pet kennel software that provides you with everything you need to run your business. Before deciding which software system to subscribe to for your pet care business, look for the following functions and features in kennel suite software.

Convenient Online Reservations

Customers can create accurate quotations and avail your specific services on your website or via third-party services using boarding kennel software. If a client schedules a new appointment, the app will tell you immediately. This allows you to manage schedules, especially when training, grooming, and boarding pets.

Billing Management

You can streamline your billing and payment notifications with pet grooming software. This avoids the hassle and clumsy paperwork that comes with regularly managing invoices manually. You can organize and manage your activity, assure timely invoices, and take payment easily for each service accomplished.


Grooming software that works reliably allows you to plan sessions on a cloud-based platform. Hence, you’ll have no trouble managing your employees’ schedules. You may also keep everyone informed no matter where you are.

The scheduling feature helps manage pet clients with behavior issues regarding when and what specific time you wish to handle them. This gives you more flexibility with your other pet customers and chooses which pet to deal with first.

Automated Reminders

The program might include a tool that sends out automatic notifications to clients and employees regularly. This reduces the number of missed and canceled bookings while keeping your employees, clients, and pets satisfied.

With this feature, you establish a routine on your client pet’s mindset, which will help them become excited and more comfortable with the services you offer.


You can connect and sync your kennel manager software with your other devices to keep all data streamlined. You can ensure that your calendars are constantly in sync with this innovation. Keeping and accessing essential files wherever you are is not a problem.

Pet grooming is a fun, engaging, and personally satisfying company to own. It’s important to remember that keeping customers pleased by delivering excellent customer service is critical to growing a successful and lucrative business. The suggestions above are some ways to expand your business on a personal and local basis.

Hence, choosing the right technology for your pet grooming business might help you expand. The qualities listed above will assist you in determining the best software to purchase to save resources while also increasing efficiency. However, because not all pet grooming software is created equal, you should search around and select only the best software features. K9 byte software will assist you with all your needs.


Indeed, not all kennel boarding facilities are made equal. Most of them are running for years now, while others are just starting to create names in the industry. But there is always room for improvement, most especially when they use kennel software programs. K9 byte software will help you leverage your services by expediting your bookings, payments, managing schedules, and simplifying your daily routine tasks. Fewer administrative tasks mean more time to see what’s lacking in your facility and more time to care for your furry customers.







Pet grooming and boarding facilities are popular pet care enterprises worldwide. The pet industry is continuously growing despite the pandemic. After all, pet owners still require care for their pets, rain or shine.

Dog kennel app is becoming more common in the pet industry. In a pet care business, most customers look for reliability, flexibility, and trustworthiness. Customers frequently look up a business’ reputation online. They will check for reviews of other customers who have relevant experience with the daycare.

As a business owner, you need to offer various options to your customers as technology has provided many opportunities to businesses. Most business transactions and bookings are online. Pet kennel software provides many options for your company and clients.

Kennel Software Makes Your Pet Care Business Standout

A pet boarding business, like any other business, requires sufficient funds to get started. Customers would like services such as online booking, online payment, boarding kennel reviews, appointment setting, etc. As technology advances, you’ll need to have up-to-date pet boarding and grooming software integrated into your business to provide these services.

It’s a big responsibility to take care of someone else’s pet. Operating a boarding and grooming business involves a great deal of effort and planning. Kennel owners who do not manage their time well will often miss out on opportunities and suffer as a result.

The best way to ensure these features in these enterprises is to leverage technology –specifically, a good kennel software program– to assist with that effort. It’s advisable to invest in technology that can effectively take over other tasks.

Integrating kennel suite software into your business will increase the efficiency of your workload and daily operations. It’s also an excellent approach to publicize your company while also letting potential customers know that you have an advantage over your competitors.

Kennel boarding and grooming software is the most effective approach to keep things in order. Using this kennel suite software is more efficient with trained employees. As a result, file storing and appointment booking will be a lot easier. It’s challenging to run a profitable business if you don’t keep track of your customers and finances.

kennel software program

The Gains You Get when Integrating Kennel Programs into Your Kennel Business

Standing out in today’s market may need you to get help with technology. Developed programs help in administrative tasks and requests from clients. Customers prefer online appointment systems, online payment, boarding kennel reviews, and so forth. You’ll need up-to-date kennel programs integrated into your business to provide these services.

Understanding the advantages of kennel software can aid you in determining its suitability for your business. Let’s look at the benefits of integrating kennel software program into your business:

• Online Booking and Appointment System: Travel planning and in-home pet care are convenient services pet care businesses offer. Although you can offer more simple solutions, you can provide them to your customers. More service options mean enhancing customers’ experiences and loyalty. The kennel software program enables your customers to schedule appointments and boarding reservations from their smartphones at any time and from any location.

• Updated and Detailed Records: Kennel business owners can keep a complete record of all business transactions. They can do so by using kennel boarding and grooming software. Reservations, bookings, payments, boarding and grooming personnel, and materials are just a few tracked items. The software can also maintain detailed records of customers’ pets’ vaccination records. The software also records age, breed, color, size, and medical history.

• Fast and Simple Invoicing: Kennel boarding software makes it possible to eliminate paperwork. The business can use a kennel software program to receive payments online and generate and edit automatically. The invoice is in an electronic format, and owners can submit it via email instantly.

• User-Friendly Search Tool: A search feature included in the boarding and grooming management, allowing you to quickly and easily locate data. The platform’s search filters allow users to access some search filters freely. These search filters include pet identification and owner’s contact information. When you don’t have much time and need information immediately, this search function comes in handy.

• Integrated Point of Sale Structure: A business owner can quickly checkout with a credit card processing device using an integrated point-of-sale structure. This feature can scan vouchers and barcodes on all of their products using this structure.

• Comprehensive Report Analysis: This feature is a thorough yet simple reporting essential for making future decisions and business plans that will benefit your company’s growth and future.

• Enhanced Data Security: Cloud kennel management software adheres to high-security standards to ensure that customer data is kept safe. Daily software upgrades improve data security. There are different software products available for each operating system model.

• Regular System Updates: Developers of kennel software for cloud-based is constantly improving and updating the system. The growth of your business is essential. That is why updates for your cloud kennel management software are vital to fixing flaws and problems. This strategy will allow you to restart, providing your clients with products and services swiftly.

Non-Negotiable Features When Selecting Pet Kennel Software

The features you need from your kennel management software differs. It will depend on your line of work and the records you want to maintain. However, before deciding on a kennel software program, make sure that all staff working in both kennel and office know how to operate the system. Here are the key characteristics of good pet kennel software:

• Online Reservation and Tracking
• Vaccination Tracking
• Customer and Canine Data Storage
• Upgrades and Maintenance Support
• User-Friendly
• Cloud-Based

The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Pet Kennel Software

Growth also comes with stagnation. Numerous accounts prove that using kennel boarding software. Enumerated below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of integrating a kennel software program into your business:

• It enables you to operate and give your business more efficiently, handle team issues, and meet required deliverables.
• Operating the correct kennel software program will aid in faster marketing.
• There is no requirement of effort and money on training since the software is user-friendly.
• It assists you in gaining new consumers since most people recently want to accomplish tasks online with the assistance of technology.

• Having prior software installed can lead to problems when installing a new one. You and your employees should familiarize themselves with the newly installed software.
• It can be challenging to teach your personnel how to use the new kennel software. Picking a user-friendly design is a solution to this problem.
• Lack of research and expert input may cause confusion and unfamiliarity. It’s advisable to research third-party experts.

K9Sky Kennel Management Software

K9Sky provides kennel boarding and grooming software that helps in running your kennel business efficiently. Our kennel suite software has everything you need to manage a full-service pet business—kennel software is freely available for 30 days. We offer desktop and web-based programs that are accessible in any location. We provide the best free Kennel software for a demo.

Running a pet business is a rewarding experience, especially when you can run it smoothly. You have loyal customers coming back and new customers choosing your services. It’s also an excellent approach to publicize your company while also letting potential customers know that you have an advantage over your competitors. K9Sky’s Kennel management software is sure to help you to get there.




Since the emergence of the pet industry in 1860, it continually grew and diversified into several pet services. Today, almost anything essential for dogs and cats is available in many pet shops, and clients can quickly request from pet facilities.

The pet industry continuously grows today as many households open up their doors to more fur babies. And with the increased number of pets also comes a rise in the demand for pet products and services. Pet business owners consistently strive to create a better pet boarding system and excellent grooming and daycare offers.

Technology and Pet Industry in 2021

Technology makes almost anything in the world easy, convenient, efficient, and effective. As the pet industry experiences explosive growth, developers and IT specialists endlessly find ways to streamline and drastically improve pet care service.

And because the millennials lead the pack of the total pet owner population, most potential clients spend most of their time online. And according to studies, millennials prefer doing things online and would choose the faster and more convenient option if given a chance.

Today, many tools and software exist in the pet industry. People now use doggy daycare software to admit their pets in daycare centers during work hours or weekend getaways readily. For boarding, kennel boarding software is the way-to-go to keep busy owners focus on their work or appointments while trusting that their pets are in safe hands.

There are still many technological innovations and development as of writing. Every tech company aims to provide its customers with ease of use, comfort, and accessibility when using its innovations. Technology will always provide a better way of doing things than usual, whether for food, toys, healthcare, hygiene, or fitness.

Challenges in Doing Business in the Pet Care Industry

The pet industry is chiefly for pet lovers. It is more than just a business, and if you own one, your passion for taking care of pets must come on top of everything. But despite the love and all the willingness you have in running your business, there are struggles that may come your way as you do business.

Here are some of the challenges you may encounter when doing business in the pet care industry and some tips on how to handle them.

#1. Late Payment from Clients

There are times when clients pay late, especially if you are accepting cashless payments in your shop. Worse, you have to contact them multiple times to remind them and have you get paid. The solution for this primarily is to stop accepting checks. You may get a merchant credit card machine to have control over their timing of payment. Although PayPal is also an excellent payment method, clients still have to do it, so you have no control over when you can get your money.

Another option for clients who only pay by check is to have them mail you a check before they leave. You may also set a rule that they must send payment at least three days before departure for them to reserve a slot. Or they may give a post-dated check for the final date.

#2. Burn Out Especially During the Startup of the Business

As mentioned earlier, pet businesses are mainly for those who are passionate about pets. But what happens to some people is that they love pets so much that they tend to care more about the pets than their business.

Staying up late and starting the day early in the morning may make you feel you are doing an excellent job in your pet business. However, this might leave you exhausted and less time for friends, family, and self.

#3. Unrecognized Importance of Money Flow

The payment process is one of the main concerns that businesses need to streamline. Your sales ensure the company is operating. Pay attention to your business’s money flow. Otherwise, it will cost you hours, additional tedious tasks, and other unnecessary expenses. Keep into account all transactions as you don’t want to be chasing people down for money or spending long hours creating countless invoices.

What Kind of Software does the Pet Care Industry Utilize?

Many software systems are now available in the market, and business owners usually experience difficulty choosing the most suitable one for their business. If you are one of them, below is a short overview of the appropriate software systems utilized in the pet care industry.

Doggy Daycare Business Software

Short-term daytime care for dogs should not be stressful for you and your client. A doggy daycare software will help you with the appointment process and cater to all queries and concerns before people avail of your service. Through it, you can:

• offer daycare packages in full detail
• create promotions with varying limits, rates, and expiration dates
• make special deals for clients having frequent visits

Most of all, having a doggy daycare business software will improve the communication system between you, your clients, and your staff.

daycare business software

Pet kennel Software

Opposite to doggy daycare, pet kennel businesses cater and look after dogs for an extended period. This is perfect for people having a weekend getaway in places not allowed for dogs or office workers with out-of-town business appointments.

Veterinary Boarding Software

If you are a veterinarian or employ an on-duty vet in your boarding business, veterinary boarding software is the one for you. A veterinary boarding software is best for pet businesses that specialize in catering boarding pets with specific health conditions or those that need regular check-ups in the absence of their owners.

Software for Groomers

Grooming is one of the essential and most sought-after pet care services. Having software for groomers that helps organize the schedule and automatically updates last-minute reservations and cancellations is a game-changer. It helps groomers improve and make their services efficient to pets and their owners.

Pros and Cons of Using Pet Care Business Software

Growth and success stories proved that using software in pet businesses is beneficial. To highlight a few, here are some of the pros you can get with a pet boarding system.
• It helps you perform and provide your business easier, address team struggles, and comply with necessary deliverables efficiently.
• As time is money and does not wait for anyone, having the right kennel software in your business will help promote fast-time marketing.
• It is user-friendly, so you would not have to waste much time and money on pieces of training.
• It helps you gain more clients, as most people prefer to do everything online now and with the help of technology.

There are also inevitable drawbacks in using these software systems, but here are some ways on how to deal with them:
• Challenges in integration may occur, especially if you are using a variety of platforms before the transition. To reduce the chances of experiencing this problem, it is always better to get to know the software first, such as reading kennel software reviews and ensuring its features address your needs.
• Teaching your staff and employees about the new software can be challenging, but choosing a user-friendly interface can help you solve this problem.
• Lack of research and consultation from experts may lead to confusion and unfamiliarity with the new software. Thus, it is vital to seek advice or consult third-party expertise. This is a significant part of adopting a new system or going to a transition from the traditional method.

The next time people search “dog boarding near me” on their browser, make sure your business comes on top of the results! Adopt state-of-the-art solutions and software systems to improve your service and process and say goodbye to the hassle and tedious tasks.