How to Train Companion Dogs With pet kennel software


Companion Dogs are not working dogs. They only provide companionship for their owners, besides being a pet. The most common companion dogs are small dog breeds such as poodles, terriers and Doberman. Companion dogs’ looks and traits fit to be used only for the pleasure of his owner’s company, but definitively not as workers. Each dog breed was created for a reason and companion dogs are no exception. They can’t be underestimated because of the brighter side, their work is the most important job which is to keep people’s company. However, any dog can actually be a companion dog.

What Companion Dogs Are Exactly?

A companion dog is specially trained to help people in their homes. This type of dog offers unconditional love to their owners or children with a disease. These dogs help people live longer, healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. The most common difference between a companion and other dogs is that companion dogs are simply trained to support their owners in the family environment and the others are trained to go out with their owner.

A dog at home anytime you look and even for the whole family for guidance. Therefore, leadership can be set in a friendly, well-defined manner. The owners are the leaders at the same time are expected to be taught proper dog behavior. Companion dogs seem different, some are shy, some are serious and some are hyperactive and this causes a beneficial workout for the whole family.

Training Companion Dogs

Companion dogs training is not as difficult as training working dogs, in fact, the formation only consists of a few basic commands: Sit, Come, Stop, lie down. All dogs have the ability to learn these basic commands, but it would be easier to train puppies. At the end of the training, the owner and the dog must understand these basic commands. To be more specific, training companion dogs can correct their behaviors like jumping on people, digging, barking, and chewing inappropriate things. At the same time, training can improve their mental and physical activities. The bond between dog and owner provides a higher level of satisfaction and enjoyment. The training also ensures the safety of the dog and happiness that is beneficial to your family, neighborhood, and even the whole community. Today, veterinarians encourage dog owners to train their dogs, even in the early life stages. The dog owner can start training their dogs as early as seven to eight weeks age. The reality is that the number one cause of death in dogs less than the first three years of age is not really infectious diseases, but their behavioral problems.

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Importance of Companion Dogs

Companion dogs will always be valuable for all family members. They never fail to give pleasure, protection, and the bond of fellowship that is essential in promoting respectful relationships grooming software between your family and your dog. However, this may not be easily exerted by inadequate methods of manipulation or abuse, which has won mostly through leadership and proper training.

There is another important question: What would be the best – a pet or companion dog. Well, some people choose pets, others think that a companion dog would be the best choice. Remember, companion dogs suffer a lot of training that includes extensive training obedience making them able to handle many situations and are more exposed to environments that many dogs will never see.