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Many people prefer to keep their dogs in the safe and familiar surroundings of the house, instead of a boarding kennel. However, when pet owners want or need to be away from home for a while, and can’t find a friend or family member to take care of the pet, there is only one solution left –boarding kennel.

It is not difficult to understand why pets are so pampered and integral to the lives of people. Pets bring joy, love us unconditionally, and even lower blood pressure and give us a sense of wellbeing. For couples without children, a pet is someone who is a lovely gift. Many people treat their pets as their children and, following that logic, most of the things that people want for themselves, they also want for their pets. According to research, American pet owners spend more than $60 billion a year on their pets, and much more on grooming and styling. So, if you want to start a kennel business, it’s the best time to achieve success quickly.

Starting a Kennel Business

The love of pets is often the reason for people to decide upon it and start a pet care business. Starting a boarding kennel is something that should be done with extra struggle: a large initial investment, purchases of inventory in large quantities, and a lot of responsibility.

The need for Kennel Software

Kennel management software is hard as it’s your responsibility to take complete care of someone else’s pets. But at the same time, running your own kennel business can be highly rewarding: you become your own boss, you become financially independent, and you get to work outdoors. Kennel business can be quite physically demanding, and requires a lot of routine tasks to be carried out on a daily basis – regardless of the weather.

The sustainability of your pet boarding, daycare, or grooming business will always depend on getting new customers, as some of your customers will move, their pets will pass on, or they will leave for other reasons.

Running a boarding and dog grooming business requires a lot of work and organization. Owners who do not manage their time very effectively are often missing out on business and suffer the most. The best way to ensure all these characteristics are incorporated into these businesses is to use technology to assist in that effort – a good kennel software.

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K9 Bytes Kennel Software

K9 Bytes® K9 Koordinator is cloud-based kennel software that gives you the ability to efficiently manage your kennel business. Our kennel software provides great features for running a complete pet daycare, boarding, and grooming business. We offer both desktop and web-based applications so you can access from anywhere in the world. Kennel Software not only attracts pet owners to boarding kennels but also provides them the ease of online booking and kennel reservations facility. Below are the key features of K9 bytes kennel software:      

1.       Cloud-Based

2.       User-friendly

3.       Calendar Management

4.       Online Kennels Reservation

5.       Electronic Documentation and Digital Signature

6.       Grooming, Boarding & Daycare Appointments Booking, and Scheduling

7.       Detailed Record Keeping

8.       Simple and Effective Searching

9.       Integrated Point of Sale Module

10.   Electronic Invoicing

11.   Customer Credit Management

We also provide software module add-ons like QuickBooks, Behavior & Report Card, Pet Tracker for Pet Detect Collars, Electronic Signature Pad, and Biometric Manager. All of these modules are fully supported by our kennel software.