Six Ways on How to Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan


Dogs are part of the family. By making sure every dog gets the care and attention he needs throughout his entire life, he will live longer. K9sky pet kennel software helps pet boarding kennel businesses provide their clients and their dog the care they deserve to enjoy living.

Give a healthy diet

Less is more. Dogs who eat less food live longer. According to a study, dogs who follow a restricted-calorie diet lived an average of two more years than dogs fed more. It is because a dog with a healthy weight can live longer. On the other hand, obese dogs are likely to develop heart problems and weakening joint issues. The quality of food that dogs eat matters as well. They should avoid foods with a high content of sugar, sodium, and unnecessary fillers.

Exercise for a healthy body

Staying active is a crucial component to prolonging a dog’s life and beneficial to their owners. It increases endorphins, lower stress, and balance emotions and mood to both owners and dogs. Additionally, regular physical activities will keep dogs happy. Dog owners can consider extending their evening walks, and maybe bring him in a jog. Or they can allow their dog to play with its fellow’s canine friends. Socializing with other dogs is another way to reduce pet’s stress and improve their overall quality of life. Dog owners can take their dogs to a pet kennel. The boarding kennel environment offers plenty of various socialization options, including new dogs and new sights, smells, and sounds.

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Keep their mind healthy.

Dogs are like people; they develop mental stimulation to make them happy. An unhappy dog can feel depressed, uneasy, and even ill. To lengthen their life, they must keep busy. As they age, they can keep their mind active with socialization, games, training, attention, and other activities. Most pet kennel offers dog training to enhance a dog’s behavior. With K9sky dog boarding kennel software, pet kennel businesses can provide their client with complete solutions to manage their training classes efficiently.

Keep Their Teeth Clean

Poor dental hygiene lead to gingivitis, plaque, and periodontal disease. These bacterial infections of the mouth can lead to heart diseases and also damage their organs. Fortunately, it is not hard to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Pet owners must brush their pet’s teeth regularly, provide dental treats, safe chew toys, and take them to the vet for dental check-ups. A busy dog owner can take his fur baby to a pet kennel facility. Most boarding kennels offer grooming services, including bathing, nail cutting, and brushing the dog’s teeth. With K9sky dog boarding kennel software and grooming software, any dog owner will have peace of mind knowing their beloved pet is in good hands.

Follow the vet’s orders.

Dogs may look healthy, but they should visit a veterinarian for a general check-up at least once a year and twice as they enter old age. This way, potential health problems can be detected early and more likely to be treated successfully.

Savor every moment

The saddest part of being a dog parent is that time will come that pets will leave their owners. The life expectancy of a dog is ten to thirteen years. But with meticulous care, enhancement, and regular veterinary care, they can live some more years. Life is short and time is precious. With healthy practices and keeping a dog’s body and mind active, they can live long and happy. “A dog boarding near me has superb service and facility,” says one of the pet kennel business clients that use K9sky dog boarding software. K9sky dog boarding software is now widely used by many pet kennel businesses. K9sky aims to help pet kennel businesses provide every dog care and services to help them live happy lives.