Managing Staff with Pet Daycare Software


It doesn’t matter how much you love pets and how much of a humanitarian you are, you need to be a little bit cold-hearted when running a business. But it doesn’t mean that you need to be completely merciless, instead, you need to be smart about investment, expenses, and hiring processes, otherwise, you won’t be running it for very long. You have to manage your business like a business and not like a hobby.

The most important thing for running a kennel business is to manage your staff carefully and wisely. Managing your staff wisely includes keeping your staff on track while meeting with clients, care for the pets, etc. The dog daycare software can be really useful while managing your staff-related business processes. The K9 Bytes Dog daycare software includes feature-rich staff management modules so you can have more time taking care of other business processes. Some features are mentioned below:

Online Appointments

Our dog daycare software is fully cloud-based so you don’t need to stay in the office the whole time for appointment scheduling. You can check appointments and booking schedules from anywhere using your smartphone. With our email notification system, you can really take your kennel business to the next level. Additionally, our web-based software can be easily integrated with your website, so it provides your customers with the continence of booking appointments online and requesting quote details in one place.

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Social Media Sharing

A very useful feature of k9 Bytes dog daycare software is its integration with social networks. With kennel and daycare software, social marketing staff can easily share the latest updates and news. The feature really saves time for people who are doing it manually. Your marketing staff can easily grow customers organically using the automated social sharing feature. After all, the biggest advertising source for a dog daycare business is word-to mouth referrals.


The K9 Bytes dog daycare software is quick, reliable and easy to use so anyone in your kennel can start operating the system within a couple of minutes. Appointment scheduling and client reservation management is a matter of just a few clicks with our software solution. K9 Bytes dog daycare software works efficiently and delivers everything a dog kennel and boarding business needs.

Below are some other important features of our pet daycare software:

Reservation:  Extend or limit the number of reservation requests

Electronic Documentation: Have pet owner fill out all their documents directly on your website

Electronic Signature: The electronic signature of your veterinary release form

Available Services: Manage your available service and list all available services on your website

Single Screen Appointments: Management appointments through a single screen. Select or change your boarding duration by daily, weekly, or monthly appointments.