Why Integrate Pet Boarding Software with your Kennel Business


Like every business, a pet boarding business needs sufficient finances to start. And with the advancement in technology, customers would want to have services such as book appointments online, online payment, boarding kennels reviews, etc. To achieve these services, you need up-to-date pet boarding software integrated with your business.

Online Reservation / Appointment Booking System

Pet boarding businesses offer an easy option for pet owners such as travel plans and home pet care services. But as I said above, there’re some other convenient options you can provide to your customers to improve their experiences and gain customer loyalty. Pet boarding software allows your customers to book appointments and boarding reservations online through a website anytime and anywhere they want.

Detailed Record Keeping

With pet boarding software, you can keep a detailed record of every process you do in your kennel such as appointments and bookings, online and cash payments, prepaid balance for future reservations, grooming products, boarding kennel staff, and all of your business contacts, as well as comprehensive records of pets about their medical history, vaccinations, breed, age, color, size, etc.

Quick and Easy Invoicing

Pet boarding software can replace the paperwork with electronic invoices. The system enables kennel businesses to receive payments online, create and edit invoices automatically. Invoice in electronic format can then be easily sent to the customer through email.

Simple and Effective Searching

The software provides a search feature so you can find information quickly and easily. You can use any search criteria from search filters such as pet name, pet owner name, and pet owner’s contact number. The search feature is quite effective when you don’t have time but need information on your screen quickly.

Integrated Point of Sale Module

With an integrated point of sale module, you can checkout effortlessly with a credit card processing unit. Using the module, you can easily scan vouchers and barcodes on all of your products.

Reporting and Analyzing

The comprehensive but easy reporting feature is important to make future decisions and business plans that have positive impacts on your business growth.

K9 Bytes Pet Boarding Software

K9 Bytes pet boarding software offers all of the above features. Our software is completely web-based so you don’t need to worry about installations and configurations. Everything is handled seamlessly through your cloud-based servers. Another advantage of our cloud-based software is that your data is fully secure. At K9 Bytes, we ensure that you will get features from state-of-the-art technology while we will handle all of the maintenance processes. We understand the value of keeping your data safe, so we take every measure to ensure it is as secure as possible.