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The pet industry is flourishing because of the growing number of households taking care of pets. As years went by, its popularity grew more extensively as pet grooming, pampering, and care services became the norm among many dog owners. They love to flaunt their four-legged furry friends in public and show off their care routines.

The dog grooming business is among the multiple sectors of the pet industry that took the world by storm. Since there are many dogs worldwide, the demand and competition in this business venture are high. Although it may be a struggle to succeed, having the right guide can help you out.

Suppose you are planning to start a dog grooming business. In that case, you must prepare yourself in operating one and execute the required steps needed to manage it successfully. This article will cover tips to help you build a successful dog grooming venture that can stand the test of time.

Perform Services Easier With Dog Grooming Software

A pet grooming business includes products for washing and enhancing the health of dogs and products to improve their overall appearance. Traditional pet grooming businesses offer nail cutting, bathing, drying, flea care, hair trimming, teeth brushing, and coat treatment.

Savvy entrepreneurs delving into the pet grooming market to make Fido happier now offer dog facials, nail care, spa days/dates, massages, therapies, and fashion items after the whole grooming operation. You’ll need a good marketing plan and a well-equipped grooming facility to start a good dog grooming service.

The pet grooming market, which includes grooming and boarding dogs, generates millions in sales. Having grooming and boarding software can help businesses generate sales reports in a more organized manner.

Having excellent and reliable dog grooming software in your business will help you with the processes and daily operations you need to do to ensure the success of your venture. It eases your responsibilities and makes the company efficient and more productive.

Pet Grooming Facility Must Have’s

The grooming facility is the cornerstone of a dog grooming industry; having one that fits customer expectations is particularly important.

To get your grooming facilities up and running, you’ll need to know how much it will cost to put them in place and how much grooming equipment will cost your operations. It’s also important to know where and when you’re going to launch your grooming venture. However, if you want to start a dog grooming company from home, keep in mind that it will be an uncomfortable mess that you want to avoid at all costs unless you have a suitable salon facility.

If you don’t have an area in your home to accommodate your passion for dog grooming, consider starting a mobile dog grooming service. This encourages you to introduce your company to your customers’ homes rather than have them come to you.
dog grooming software

You can determine the amount you’ll need for your mobile grooming company by the services you’ll be providing to customers and the tools you’ll need to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

You may need the following items for a standard dog grooming business:
• a nail clipper
• clipper blades
• a shear
• brushes and combs
• coat products such as conditioners and shampoos
• a bath area
• towels.

A grooming table is a perfect addition to your business space to make the dog more relaxed. This keeps you at eye level with the dog, which provides a soothing environment for the pet and you.

Another thing that your facility should invest in is grooming and daycare software. A grooming software for pets has multiple innovative features designed to simplify the daily tasks you have to complete and comply with within your venture.

7 Proven Ways To Be Successful In The Pet Industry

#1. Make Your Shop Pet-Friendly and Human-Appealing

Your shop should be pet-friendly, comfortable, and well-designed to calm the dogs when it enters your salon. If the pet parents perceive your shop as uninviting and uncomfortable, they will hesitate to bring their fur babies for a grooming appointment in your shop.

Remember to reward the pets with a treat after every good behavior and obedience.

#2. Offer Your Clients A Warm Welcome

In the dog grooming industry, customer service skills are vital for both dogs and fur parents. Although the dog is the client, you must project a calm and well-spoken demeanor to effectively interact with the dog’s owner about the care the dog requires.

Acknowledging the pet parent for taking their pets into your salon and creating a trusting environment to reassure the owner of their pets can also be part of your customer service skills. In reality, as part of excellent customer service, welcome the owner and then descend to the pet level to also greet them by their name.

#3. Market Your Dog Grooming Business to Attract More Clients

Marketing is essential for a dog groomer to achieve a degree of success in the industry. Unlike other ventures, someone with a passion for animals can start a pet grooming company. So, as important as finding customers is, keeping them is also key to running a successful dog grooming company.

#4. Create A Brand For Your Business

Consider what you can give your four-legged customers that other grooming shop does not offer while establishing your brand. For example, if you are skilled at designing stunning creations with their coats, no one can duplicate them. Or say if you have a particular procedure for dogs with poor teeth and restore them to pearly whites, then you can stand out in the business.

Remember that the business name, logo, and tagline are all part of your brand identity. Hence, your customer must easily remember them. Finally, and this could seem strange, don’t compete with others. Instead, concentrate on building a name for yourself based on your advantages, and you’ll soon be the winner in your craft and the name for others to beat.

#5. Build Connections With Other Pet-related Businesses In Your Area

Your partners in creating a profitable dog grooming business are pet shops, training centers, veterinarians, and animal hospitals that include grooming. Network with them to help you spread your brand to potential customers or enter the dog group in your area to promote and boost your business. Being a member of this circle strengthens your engagement and allows you to expand your client base quickly.

#6. Create A Website For Your Dog Grooming Business Services

People are continuously on the lookout for the best service in town. Nobody wants to travel a long distance for a service that is near them. Still, if this service is not available online, you may lose customers who might negatively affect your market. Consider creating a website and register it with a business web page so that people in your area can learn about your brand and its services online.

#7. Send Your Clients Reminders Through Your Grooming Business Software

Having a grooming business software is beneficial in many ways, especially when it comes to reminding your clients of schedules and appointments. Even the most animal-loving client can miss important dates like vaccination days, check necessary reminders, and grooming schedules without an email, voice message, or software alert. Receiving a reminder shows the customer how much you feel for their pet, which can go a long way toward keeping those customers and attracting new ones. Having a grooming appointment software enables you to manage and send out reminders to your clients easily.

Skills That A Dog Groomer Should Possess

Although education is not required to run a dog daycare software, you must have an enthusiasm for dogs and hands-on experience dealing with them before starting a dog grooming business.

Since most pet groomer operates independently, the skills listed below will help you stand out.

● Understanding of the animal’s body language and how to calm them (as some dogs turn out to be aggressive without their owner’s presence)
● A strong will to treat the animal well under your care
● Business expertise and professional ethics are necessary.
● When dealing with animals, you must have a thorough understanding of the pet and the conditions they are subject to. You must also have persistence, courage, and dedication when dealing with them.
● Exceptional communication skills

Finally, keeping your clients pleased is the most critical part of running a profitable dog grooming company. A well-groomed dog equates to a satisfied and loyal client. For new businesses, you can offer a free service such as a free first doggy treatment or a gift voucher during the grooming procedure to all first-time customers.

To conclude, a dog grooming venture is a successful and lucrative endeavor if you have the appropriate tools, correct knowledge, and a good marketing campaign in place, along with a few other considerations.



Most people invest their money, so they profit later on. Many industries offer opportunities, but only a few are genuinely sustainable and give promising results.

Since the 1960s, the pet care industries remained solid and flourishing. The growing number of pet owners made this success possible. And with technology and other innovations such as pet kennel software, many fur babies received the best care and happiness they deserve. Are you a pet lover looking to invest in something fun and profitable? Read on.

The Pet Industry

What is a Pet Business?

Pet businesses comprise the pet industry with their excellent and most sought-after products and services. It is also known as “pet-economy” and a market-linked with companion animals – primarily dogs.

Why Pet Business?

If you are a pet lover, particularly into dogs, this business will be an easy-peasy for you. Doing what you love while earning a considerable amount can be the life you want. Aside from that, here are great statistic-based reasons why investing in the pet industry is ideal:

• In 2020, the US pet industry reached approximately $99 billion. It is steadily growing and achieving stable status, making it an industry worth all the money.
• Experts foresee that the global pet market, accompanied by technology and helpful systems such as kennel booking software, will reach approximately $360 billion by 2027.
• The majority of pet owners in the world are willing to pay for food and other necessities to help their dog’s overall wellness.
• Sales for pet care and products reached a revenue of $32 billion in 2020.
• Before and during the Covid19 pandemic, 21% of pet owners reportedly spent more money on their pets
• Millennials compose 7.31% of customers in the pet industry. This generation is likely to pay more for their pets and prefer using convenient software and apps such as cloud-based kennel software that contains features to accommodate their preference.
• Almost 70% of American households have at least one pet. This means there are still a lot of opportunities for you and your pet business.
kennel booking software

The Different Types of Pet Businesses

If you are planning to start an own pet business but are still contemplating which field to focus on, here are a few of the standard and in-demand pet services that you might be interested in:

Pet Photography

Pet photography is one of the many fun and profitable pet businesses. It allows you to combine your love of animals and expert photography skills.

Because people consider their pets as a part of the family, people share and keep memorable moments with them. Modern pet owners celebrate their fur kid’s birthdays and acknowledge milestones with them. Taking pet photos and posting on social media accounts is also a thing today. However, professionally handled images are more attractive and satisfying to fur parents.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is another type of pet business where you look after pets while their owners are away. Usually, the pet sitter goes to the client’s house and takes charge of the pet for the whole duration required.

Many people still think that this job is after-school stuff for students. Today, it has grown into much more than how people usually see it and became necessary to most busy pet owners. With the help of technology and kennel management software, pet sitting as a basic need became accessible and a go-to for busy fur parents.

Pet Boarding or Kennel Boarding

This pet business is similar to pet sitting, where you look after pets, but dogs stay at a boarding facility with other animals. You may provide a kennel or specific area where they can sleep, eat, or play.

With well-designed kennels and updated online kennel software, you can establish a reliable and go-to boarding facility.

Dog Training

Dog training is a challenging yet enjoyable business venture. You need to train and develop dogs’ skills and behavior in a way possible and understandable. Many pet owners love to have intelligent, skillful dogs, but most of them had to work long hours and find it difficult to provide education and training. Thus, they will need a dog trainer like you!

Dog Daycare

A doggy daycare business is basically for pet owners with a busy daytime schedule and prolonged work hours. This type of pet business offers short-term daytime care for dogs. And with kennel connection software, you can help dog parents provide an enriching, active, and fulfilled daily activity for their pets. During the day, while owners are away, dog daycares can keep them busy through walks, playtime, feeding, and many more.

Pet Grooming

Grooming significantly affects your dog’s overall health and wellness. The grooming needed for each pet varies on its breed, age, and size, and as a groomer, you need to be familiar with that. Grooming services you can offer include bathing, hair trimming, styling according to breed, and nail trimmings.

What You Definitely Need

There will be a few essential must-haves to secure when starting a pet business. No matter what type of it you choose to begin with, here are what you will absolutely need:

An Accessible, Conducive Location

One of pet owners’ considerations in choosing a facility for their cats or dogs is the location. Your facility must be accessible, visible, and convenient for clients while ensuring it is spacious enough to cater to pets’ needs. The site must be at the correct zone for the type of business, considering noise, traffic, and parking rules.

Insurance and Requirements Compliance

This can be boring and sometimes hassle, but this is crucial in setting up your pet business. Running any business requires a license and other requirements, including insurance certificates for the business itself and your employees. Before operating, you must comply with the necessary papers first.

Appropriate and Experienced Employees

More than complied papers, equipment, and tools like cloud-based kennel software and ensuring you have enough capital, picking the right people to work with is also a crucial decision. One of the keys to outstanding in the pet industry is to hire expert, knowledgeable, and skilled people. Through this, you will no longer need to spend more time training and orientation and can immediately proceed to more critical tasks in the business.

Efficient Kennel Tracking Software

Technology and all innovations that come with it are the main game-changer in your pet business. Pet kennel software reduces manual tasks and will undoubtedly be a key to a successful and profitable pet business. Keep your database, emails, reports, and schedules automated and updated in real-time through kennel booking software. Check the kennel software reviews!
cloud-based kennel software

How to Choose a Software?

Having a software system to help you with your business is essential since technology already dominates today’s world. Many consumers would love to experience the comfort and convenience, especially in different products and services they regularly avail. So, in getting cloud-based kennel software or Grooming software for your dream pet business, here are some questions you can ask first before finally deciding which one to get:
• Does the overall quality of the software worth its price?
• What do most of the kennel software reviews say?
• Does it have the features you need for your desired pet business?
• Does it provide state-of-the-art solutions to your daily business task challenges?
• Does it have an excellent and 24/7 customer service team?
• Does it help you advertise your business and make it grow?
• If you are to be your business’s client, would you like to use that specific kennel tracking software?
• Is it safe and secured?

Key Features of a Powerful Kennel Management Software

Integrable: Doing tasks on many different platforms makes them harder to accomplish. So, choosing an integrable online kennel software is genuinely vital.

Multiple Payment Methods: This feature allows for a broad scope of payment means that could help you gain more clients, and thus, sales.

Automated Messaging and Notification: This feature takes the tedious task of individually messaging clients, sending them notifications regarding upcoming appointments, updating the service package available, and other important information.

Online Reservation: This gives pet owners the convenience to make an appointment anytime and anywhere.

Easy-to-Use Interface: Since the kennel connection software you will have in your facility is available to both your clients and staff, choosing a user-friendly interface will help you reduce errors and miscommunication between all users – including you.

Real-Time Updates: Last-minute cancellations and double-booked appointment schedules can be stressful. Having a kennel tracking software that updates real-time allows for last-minute bookings and reduces double bookings. This way, you can maximize all time slots for appointments and waste no time and effort.

If you plan to start establishing your very own pet business and have read this far, you just made the right choice!

Now that you already know why the pet industry is one of the best industries to invest in be sure to have what it takes to succeed in it. The key? The right software! When used properly and efficiently, you will never go wrong with technology.



With new kennel suite and dog daycare businesses opening every day, the pet industry’s competition is getting stiffer. Fortunately, it is benefiting the pet care sector, the economy, and most significantly, the customers. The reason is that pet care businesses need to improve their products and services to stay in the game. Otherwise, they will get behind the line and may end up closing their business permanently.

As a pet boarding or daycare business owner, you may be thinking about how or what you can improve your kennel suite. Newly opened competitors may have the newest equipment and offering promos and discounts that even your regular customers might want to try.

Here’s a pro tip to retain your clients: Learn what your competitors lack, improve what you already have and focus on your clients’ needs. Why not try these fun and safe dog’s run ideas? Dogs need exercise to make their life span longer. This feature will make them healthier in an enjoyable way. Also, employing pet kennel software will tremendously help you improve the way you provide services.

Read on for more details about these dog’s run ideas and how can pet kennel software help you stay on the top.

Safe and Beneficial Dog Run Ideas for Kennels and Daycare Centers

1. Simple Run with Grass and Drainage System

If you’re a minimalist person and have limited space, this style is perfect for you. This dog run is ideal for playing and exercising. Simple, it seems, your clients will love it as a great place to start potty-training their dog since it has an effective drainage system. However, the total space area might only fit smaller dog breed sizes.

It is best to place quality synthetic grass so Fido can lay down when he’s tired comfortably and presentably. The overall design can be simply as a running area stip. Your canine client can enjoy running and playing without so many costs for you.

pet kennel software

2. Obstacle Course Dog Run

Dogs are emotional and intelligent beings. Just like humans, they get bored, and when that happens, they probably run in circles or chew their owners’ slippers or shoes. No one wants that.

Take that problem away from your client by creating this mentally stimulating dog run. You can place A-frames, seesaws, tire jumps, weave poles, or tunnels. This dog run provides thrilling and exciting features so dogs’ bodies can stay active while their minds remain sharp.

3. Sensory Stimulating Dog Run

If your clients want to train their dogs with impulse control and agility skills, this dog run is the place to be. Complete this stimulating sensory space with soft grass, smooth rocks, rough and cold concrete materials, and plants.

Not all breeds are compatible with toys in the market. Dogs might also need an environment where they can see, feel and smell to keep their mind busy and gain ability. You may also want to plant flowers all over the place so the dogs can practice their sense of smell. Lastly, place different colors to make them occupied.

4. Broad and Unrestricted Dog Run

Not all pets require the same amount of exercise. Some breeds need enormous regular walking and playing to prevent digging, chewing, excessive barking, etc., while others need less.

This broad pet run is ideal for large hyperactive dogs that need endurance and agility training, unlike the first idea. If this pet run is your choice, ensure that you will use as ample space as possible. Your canine clients can run, crawl play as much as they want without obstacles, just enjoyment.

5. Enclosed Dog Run

This pet run might also require broad space. You can place wooden tables and some obstacles to make a great playground and resting place for your canine clients.

6. Dog Run with Swing and Scenery

This dog run is perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures of your canine clients. When creating this good pet run, you may include swing, flowering plants, and shade to avoid sunlight. Ensure that nothing blocks the view from your dog run. Complete it with toys and run courses. Your clients and their dogs can have a relaxing stay (only if you allow people to stay in your run) in a comfortable, beautiful view.

7. Pet Run with Water Pool

If your facility has enough space, you may consider placing a pool beside the pet run. Putting a swimming pool will encourage dogs to exercise and an effective way to cool off on warm summer days.

8. Pet Run with Water Fountain

Placing a water fountain can be an attractive decoration to your pet run. Ensure that the water fountain’s filtration system can self-circulate so you canine clients can drink fresh and clean water whenever they want.

9. Pet Run with Dog Shelter

Unexpected rain can happen. Therefore, considering adding doghouses to your run is beneficial as it provides the dog with shade and protection against the wind, rain, and the sun. You may already have tress and patios to cover the dog run; you might want to add one because the weather is unpredictable, and it pays to be prepared.

10. Portable Runs

Have limited budget and space? Try portable dog runs. They are the most convenient and easiest to use because you don’t have to buy many materials and set them up permanently. You can create one by using wire mesh materials and make rectangles, squares, and octagons. Assembling completely only takes a couple of minutes and perfect for any place. However, this pet run is only suitable for small or medium breeds.

The Right Pet Kennel Software to Help Your Business Stay Relevant

After reading the mentioned run ideas, you are now ready to upgrade your run’s environment to attract more customers. But having this fun feature in your facility may not be enough to boost your sales quickly. You still need to improve and market your services continuously. The best way to do that is to employ powerful pet kennel software. The right kennel management software will provide the following benefits that will instantly leverage your daily processes, thus enhancing the services you will offer:

#1 Accessibility

Not all pet care business offers online booking of appointments. Therefore, offering a convenient way to place clients’ appointments will give you an edge over others. Kennel booking software allows you and customers to make appointments via a mobile application, web-based, or company intranet systems.

Using the kennel appointment software, you, your team members, and clients can create appointments through the app. Your staff can check in to work remotely, view past and future pet services appointments, and send email and text reminders and promotions—all in one reliable platform. Moreover, customers will have a great experience and will come back to you.

kennel connection support

#2 Easy and Convenient Payment Processing

Are you accepting cash only for payment? What do you do if your client wants to pay through credit or debit card? That’s not a problem if kennel management software is in place. The system lets you offer flexible payment options for your clients. Now, they can pay however they want. It also allows them to know that they pay the right amount. Your clients will be happy; they might even give your staff a tip.

#3 Standby Technical Support & Customer Service

Reliability is one significant factor why customers stick to your services. If they feel that they can rely their pets on you with satisfactory services, they won’t look for another pet care provider.

As for your kennel and boarding software use, you can always rely on kennel connection support whenever issues arise. The team will promptly address your concerns and answer any questions. They are available to assist you with standby emergency client support.

#4 Avoids No-Shows and Late Payments

No-shows and late payments affect how you provide services to other clients. For example, you expect a client to arrive at a given time; therefore, another client must wait until you are free. Time is essential to them as much to you so, smooth workflows are necessary.

Kennel appointment software can minimize or even eliminate this dilemma. The software has an automated, easy-to-use, and customizable mailing system that will let you set a message and the time when you want it to send to a customer—sending reminders to prevent your client from not showing up or giving their payments.

#5 Booking Multiple Pets in Advance Through pet kennel software

Your clients don’t have to wait in the queue to book their pets. They can reserve a slot whenever they are free. Kennel software for pets allows booking in as far as months. Before the time of their appointment, the system will send a notification to remind them. They can even book more than one pet. It reduces the stress for them and you.

#6 An Effective Marketing Tool

Even prominent companies are advertising continuously. Regularly marketing will mark your business name to your target market. You can take advantage of social media or ask for a service review from your past clients.

You can integrate your kennel and boarding software to your official website and social media pages. That way, you can monitor all your management tasks and marketing tasks anytime into one platform.

#7 User-friendly

With the innovation of technology, ease of use and access is the latest competitive advantage. A cloud-based kennel booking software makes it easier for you and your staff to utilize, thus easing your routine administrative tasks. Your team can focus more on giving high-quality service to your adorable canine client. Excellent service means satisfied customers that will lead to loyal ones.

#8 Organization

A good impression is a king. When your clients see that you can manage your facility with organization, it gives them the impression that you know what you do. That way, you can gain their trust of their fur babies and will come back for another time.

Final Thought

Business is an up and down journey. You might be on top of the list today and might get behind tomorrow. The important thing is, you know how to figure out what to do and take action on it immediately. Gather ideas and acquire a pet kennel software to help you get up more robust and better. A powerful and reliable kennel software for pets like K9sky can be your most significant advantage in the business world where automation, speed, and accuracy are necessary to succeed.




Dogs are emotional beings. They also feel anxiety, fear, or stress, just like humans. When leaving them in a boarding kennel, they may suffer from depression once introduce to unfamiliar surroundings, especially when their owners are not around. You may notice that other dogs quickly enjoy socializing with fellow animals, while others hesitate and stay in one corner. As much as you want to know what’s on their mind, dogs cannot tell you what’s bothering them.

As a daycare business, your attendant has to help the dogs remain calm and relaxed for them to have a great time. But when issues arise, how will you resolve them or prevent them from happening?

Fortunately, there are techniques to recognize dogs’ emotions by observing their body language and behavior. It also pays if you record it in your pet kennel software for better behavior monitoring in the future.

In this blog, we compiled a list of behavior tips for dog daycare and kennel assistants working with their canine clients. Let’s check it out.

#1. Approach Them Patiently and Friendly

Even a kid needs a friendly approach when afraid in a new environment. For your fur clients, you may begin by quietly and slowly walking with your hand out while speaking softly. You may also call them with their name or offer a treat to help calm down. This method is a crucial strategy to show them that you are not a threat.

It may take a while before they respond, and as daycare personnel, patience is essential. You will know how it feels by these responses:
• If the dog seems stressed out and hesitant to engage with you, it may see you as a threat. Be vigilant as it may bark, growl or bite you as a warning to go away. Or, in most cases, it might retreat away from you.
• If it responds positively, it will probably jump all over you, showing excitement and happiness.
• If your fur client is visibly nervous and doesn’t like to engage, don’t force them. Instead, let it alone calm. After some peaceful moment, you can try to entice him by throwing some treats on the flow and calling him again by its name. Once it realized that you are safe, it will eventually come to you and start mingling with fellow dogs.

#2. Notice the Dog’s Body Language with pet Kennel software

Animals may not be able to talk, but they have ways of showing feelings. Therefore, your daycare attendants and kennel workers need to know how to understand a dog’s body language. They also use facial expressions and posture to communicate with humans.
Here are some typical dog languages and their meaning:


Cowering or hunched closer to the ground – how dogs stand and distribute their weight show their emotions. If you see them like this, in most cases, they are afraid of something.

Rolls and shows stomach – typically, you might guess that they ask for a belly rub, but in some cases, it could also mean that they feel significant stress and anxiety.

Shifting weight with high twitching tail – when a dog moves backward and forward continuously with some gestures, it specifies aggression. The dog does it to show other animals that they are superior.

Chest down, bum up – dogs do this like they are about to run in a marathon. But this indicates that they like to play with other dogs or people.

Non-stop panting – if the dog didn’t come from playing and running, he might be stressed out. It will likely occur when he’s not petted to calm down.

Prolonged yawning – your canine clients will yawn when bored or tired. But when you notice that it is intense and prolonged, it could be indicative of stress.

Snarling or growling – also called a smile or submissive grin and often a sign of fear.

A high, stiff body and tail could mean two things: they are alert and highly aroused, and they display dominance.

Relaxed, soft, mouth half-open – he is happy and chilled out. The perfect mood for playing.

Soft, relaxed, and fluid movements – he’s pretty chilled out and happy with the situation.

If possible, you want every dog in your care to enjoy their stay. While it is far-fetched, you have the power and knowledge to avoid potential problems. And with these dog’s posture tips, you can do so.

Dog grooming and Behavior

Tail Movements

When a dog’s tail is wagging, people typically think it’s a sign of happiness or friendliness. However, it is not always the case. Dogs also use this body language as equivalent to a smile used by a person. Dogs kennel Software does that when someone is around – other animals or humans. Otherwise, they will not give their normal wags, just like a person who doesn’t talk and smile at a wall.

Wags might mean happiness, but they can also indicate insecurity, fear, social challenge, frustration, or a warning that says, “don’t try to come near me if you don’t want to get bitten.” It can be unclear, but you can translate their emotions by their speed, breadth, direction, and position.

Slight wag, with small breadth – is typically mean as greetings like “hello human” or “Hi, I’m here.

Broad wag with hips movement – they are friendly and the closest to the famous concept of happiness wagging. It can also decipher the message “I am grateful” or “I will not harm you or threaten you.”

A slow wag with half–staff tail – is neither high nor low position and indicates insecurity. Dogs are feeling less social with this gesture compared with other signals.

High-speed and tiny tail movements – the dog is up to something; it could be running or fighting. When someone holds the tail while shaking, it could be a sign of active threat.

Raised Hackles

People get goosebumps involuntarily, and so as dogs. When you see a dog with its hackles raised, it indicates active and high alert. Lifted hair in their neck and back could be a response when feeling:
• Afraid
• Stressed
• Dominant
• Insecure
• Surprised
• Excited
• Uneasy
• Very curious

Dogs involuntary do this when their nervous system automatically piloerection across the dog’s back and neck. When this sign occurs, it is essential to keep calm and divert attention away from stressing them. If they become aggressive, try to take them away from the situation.


Just like humans, dogs can express their feeling through eyes. When you look into their eyes, you probably attempt to decode what’s on their mind by how they look at you. When you see those puppy eyes, you could quickly tell that they are begging or showing love and affection. But here are kinds of dog’s eye signals and their meanings:

Soft and relaxed lids – it looks like dogs are squinting and indicate a peaceful and happy dog.

Hard and cold eyes – in contrast to the soft eyes, you may notice the dog’s eyes seem unwelcoming when they are guarding a toy, food, or being aggressive. They can also stare for a long time, which showing a warning.

Avoids eye contact – they tend to look away when they feel stressed. Though misinterpreted by many by thinking that the dog is stubborn, in reality, dogs show anxiety.

Reveals their sclera – dogs show the white on their eyes when they feel stressed or worried. For instance, they think some dogs or human will get their bone or toy.

Facial Expressions

Dogs can show emotion through their faces. Interestingly, they have approximately 100 various facial expressions and mostly show it with their ears. When they listen to you, they tend to focus on hearing how you communicate your message to them. They are too aware that eye contact between them and a human shows comfort and trust.

Here are some typical facial expressions and their meanings:

Yawning – they feel stress and try to comfort themselves. You can help by yawning near them, and they probably yawn back.

Lip licking – they usually do this after every meal but know that they do this too when feeling nervous. You can notice it if dogs didn’t come from eating or drinking. Chances are a dog is feeling anxious.

Smiling – dogs have various kinds of smiles just like humans. Thus, it can’t be easy to decipher their emotions with this. When combined with a submissive grin where the front teeth are out, it signals a warning and aggression. In contrast, a dog smile when they show a loose posture.

#3 Watch the Dog’s Behavior

Your canine client’s body language is an excellent emotional state indicator, and so is their behavior.

You might notice a dog that spends the whole day hiding and alone; they are probably afraid or stressed. To help them calm, you could try these strategies:

Put a thunder shirt on the fearful dogs – proven by other dog trainers; this shirt causes a soothing effect like giving hugging to someone when worn. Thus, helping anxious dogs calm.

Place pheromone diffusers in the area – Pet kennel software studies reveal that this diffuser releases air substances that soothe animals, including dogs. Moreover, it can help diminish unwanted behavior when an animal is experiencing stress.

As a kennel and daycare attendant, it is essential to be vigilant of these hyperactive dogs. An overly aroused dog might be running more around than usual. This behavior of dog boarding shows that they have a high level of stress and don’t know how to handle it. To help them bring it down, you could consider going for in these activities that require your fur client to focus:
• Play attention-getting games to divert their focus to the activity.
• Work on skills and training in calm surroundings to drop their arousal level down.

This behavior could also mean jealousy, as some dogs are possessive. Since you are taking care of many dogs, you will share your time and attention with many dogs.

dog kennel and grooming appointment software

How Can a Pet Kennel Software System Help You Monitor Pets in Your Facility?

Keep Track of Incidents

Monitoring different breeds with different behavior is a challenge when not using a kennel software program. It isn’t easy to report when you need to search for a pet’s behavior using pen and paper or MS suite.

This task is the reason why an online booking software kennel is beneficial. Even when searching with thousands of pet names, you could easily search the exact date and pet details.

 Label Dog Behavior

Dogs exhibit different behaviors that can be enigmatic. With dozens of dogs you are handling, it is essential to label and categorize their behavior, so your team member can prepare for unexpected situations.

A kennel connection software helps you quickly track dog behavior for every pet in your care. The system provides three incident labels such as positive, neutral, or negative. You can use this information when faced with a similar situation, and this time, you know what to do.

 Help Track Early Signs of Illness

Knowing how a dog behaves will help you determine if they have an illness. It could benefit you and your facility’s infection control.

Having complete details of the dogs’ illness, you could consult with a vet to confirm its condition. The doctor may ask you questions about the incidents, so it is best to record all the information in a cloud-based system such as pet booking software. This way, you don’t have to worry that the notes will disappear. You could always look for it, using any device.

Help Communicate with the Pet Owner Easily

There are situations that a dog’s behavior is out of your control. Before it causes more problems, it is best to contact its owner. You could quickly reach out to them when using dog management software. All you need to do is input their names or pet’s name with minimal taps.

A Handy Pet Kennel Software for Your Daycare and Kennel Businesses

Though you hired trained and animal-loving personnel, it pays to use reliable pet kennel software and pet training software for a manageable and successful pet care business. It will save you time, help you increase the bottom line, assists you to build a good reputation, and so many other benefits you don’t want to miss.